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There are many things to consider before removing a dangerous tree. First and foremost you have to determine if the tree can be saved opposed to just removing it. Many trees in Georgia are protected and cannot be removed unless a special permit is applied for. Our team of certified experts can walk you through the process step by step.

Here at Bakers Tree Service, we are passionate about preserving your trees and protecting your home!!

Pay close attention to the trees that are surrounding your property and home. As the seasons do change, so do trees! It is necessary to inspect your trees often and pay close attention to the limbs.

A. Does the leader limb have way too many sucker limbs on it and is the leader limb sagging?
Is there a cracks under the leader limbs or discoloration on the tree?
C. Is there ivy wrapped around the limbs?
D. Has the needles on a pine tree suddenly begin to turn brown?
E. Does your tree have a hole or cavity in the crotch from where a llimb broke off?

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Bakers Tree Service has dedicated over 22 years in preserving trees and protecting savannahs historic homes and properties. Our team of licensed experts practice the safest downing techniques and uses the newest equipment to speed up the removal process saving us time and the client money. Our rates are more affordable than anyone else app, and our quotes are free of charge. Give us a call today!